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Lake Trout and Fishing for Lake Trout on Blue Mesa Reservoir

Lake trout can be caught anywhere in Colorado, all year long and many trophy lake trout are caught at Blue Mesa Reservoir. Our Network wants to offer some information to guide you to more productive fishing with our service or on your own boat! Lake trout are largely a frustrating fish to target and only few anglers can catch these fish consistently, while the rest of us rely on the odds! These fish are very elusive and are very tricky to catch consistently. They can be caught on a jig, with bait or trolling. Lake trout can live in 180 feet of water. Lake trout can suspend in open water lifelessly, waiting for unsuspecting game fish to swim by. They will also bite tiny kokanee salmon lures when you least expect it. Lake trout can also be found lying on the bottom, looking for bottom forage, or in shallow water in the middle of the day, hunting the shallows. This makes for a lot of options for fisherman and it’s best to have a game plan based on season and water temp. Lake trout have a threshold of 52 degree water and this is important to realize. Do your busy work before 52 degrees and you will help protect the species and increase your catch.
Starting at Ice Out in the spring, the Lake Trout Fishing tends to be in shallower water and it takes talent and good presentations to get these Lake Trout to bite. These fish can be casted to, or trolled in shallow water hot spots. The fish can remain shallow because of the water temps. There is always an abundance of bait fish in the shallows in the springs. There are trout feeding, perch feeding, suckers spawning and crayfish. These are all good food for lakers and putting baits in the right place will catch!
In the summer, Lake trout can move to depths of 200 feet in Blue Mesa Reservoir and will test your execution of presentation… and will power to persevere. During early summer, you can follow lakers down the water column keeping water temp in the front of your mind. Lake trout will come to feed on deep submerged points in the morning sometimes starting at 40-60 feet. Look for the fish on main lake points and look for the right kind of marks. Large groups of small marks can be brown trout and they will only nip at baits instead of the massive hits or takes from large lake trout. Look for big marks and troll baits next to them or over top of them, or drop jigs next to the fish and pull into their feeding zone.
At the Blue Mesa Fishing Guide Network, we use over 10 years of experience to try to catch, land and release trophy lake trout at Blue. We have only killed 2 fish over 30” in ten years due to deep hooking. We enjoy taking Videos and Pictures of these great fish to capture memories of a lifetime. Lake trout over 30 inches can be 15 to 30 years old and are dinosaurs swimming right below your boat. We generally catch native Colorado Lake Trout, 20 pounds and better with a variety of trophy brown trout and rainbow trout on most spring trips. We use trolled lures and jigs. Bait does work, but we do not use it because can result in deep gut hooking and follow in the death of a great fish. These big fish are old with white fatty meat that is not good to eat. Fish under 10lbs offer much better fare for eating.
A typical lake trout fishing day, with or without a fishing guide, results in trips that will test your patience and skill. The reward is a lake trout fishing experience unsurpassed by most Western Colorado fishing! You can catch the fish of your lifetime for 500.00. Trophy elk trips cost around 2500.00 and trophy salt water trips cost upwards of 700.00 plus travel to tropical destinations. Not every trip will produce a trophy as the nature of these fish is very finicky! Lake trout are one of the few big game fish species in Colorado and that makes them a very important resource. Whether you jig, troll or bait fish these giants, please respect them and release as many trophy lake trout in Blue Mesa Reservoir as you can!

Blue Mesa Kokanee on table.

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