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Welcome to the 2018 Fishing Report and Archive Information

To Jump to the Archives. Thank You for Reading

You have reached the wonderful fishing history of the hay day of the BMFG Network Fishing reports in Colorado! We love looking back to see the archives of the FIRST ever current Colorado Fishing Report for Blue Mesa Reservoir Colorado. As a young angler, I grew up fishing the Northeast coastline. On the coast, Striped bass fishing is the craze and chasing these fish is as intense as any sport fish. The advantages are that the fish are bigger, eat more and fight harder! But, every tackle shop had a website and a fishing report. This was a great barometer to figure out where the fish were last. The better the the report, the more business the shop received because people knew the owners kept up with fish and local info. I took this ideal and applied it to Blue Mesa Reservoir. I revolutionized Current Fishing Reports in 2008 with advanced websites that allowed real time updates of the catch, conditions and fish location. As the first website for Guided Fishing and Information on Blue Mesa, I cornered the Google market and built a host of sites for all types of fishing and guide trips on the lake and in Western Colorado. The results were overwhelming and the competition soon began building their sites. Now, it's the standard for any fishing guide outfit on the lake to have a website, a fishing report and fresh, local info. The Colorado Fishing Network feels proud to have raised the bar, and more importantly, inform all fisherman of current conditions, catch rate and fish location.
The great part of our archives are that many dates and conditions can be matched to real time, and similar fishing approaches- just follow the dates and you can predict the highest catch rate times and peak seasonal fish movements. The fish are IN the lake, not migrating to far away bodies of water!!! Anyway, enjoy the archives and know that every day was recorded and logged and will be used in later pages to help fisherman catch more fish by sharing our success with you.
- The Captain

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