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2012-2013 Fishing Techniques by Blue Mesa Fishing Network

Blue Mesa Fishing Guide Network exists for two reasons: To take clients and anglers on the fishing trip of a life time, and to educate all anglers on how to catch more fish using our experience and time tested techniques. The fishing techniques we use for kokanee salmon and lake trout are the fruits of countless hours of fishing on Blue Mesa Reservoir. We also rely on information from fellow sharpies and anglers. We use all this information, plus 10 years of lake fishing experience, trying new approaches and presentations, to put more fish in the boat. We then record our successes and failures which summarize the results that have enabled us to catch more fish, consistently. It's this process that gives us the credibility to become an excellent guide service, and a dependable source of fishing information for people to learn from. Our network at Blue Mesa Fishing offers an incredible amount of information for fisherman through our Fishing Reports and Information pages. Our goal is to help you develop your own productive techniques! As you read through our pages, know that the Blue Mesa Fishing Guide Network is always trying to improve our website and add more tips and fishing techniques, so check our pages throughout 2013!
The more we all fish and are conscious of the elements around us, the more development we add to our fishing arsenal and OUR information pages. We look to finish up the 2012 season and forge into the 2013 season with a fresh outlook and to experiment with new techniques on how to catch more kokanee salmon and lake trout. As fisherman, we are naturally inquisitive and enjoy exploring the underwater world by trolling better baits, jigging more productive fishing grounds and casting until your arm falls off.... To Catch More and Bigger Fish!
It's this excitement that keeps the Network thriving and fisherman fishing! A quick note before you read on with Blue Mesa Reservoir in your sites, is that Blue Mesa Reservoir is always so beautiful, but can be very frustrating for anglers that aren't using the proper techniques. Although we can't tell you exactly how to catch all the fish, when fishing on Blue Mesa, it's important to come with a game plan for your fishing trip. Use certain reliable approaches as guide, but be ready to change it up to identify the pattern: because everyday can be a new day for the bite. Let the BMFG Network get you started and use our information service and your experience to point you in the direction of catching.
Thank you for reading and enjoy.

Blue Mesa Fishing Guide Services