Fishing Reports November 2010

Happy T-day- are you Ice fishing YET??

Thu, 11/25/2010
It's time to pack the elk in the freezer and pull out the tiny rods!

Hey guys, Casey here from Bleu Mesa fishing. Ice has started on Antero- though not safely and other lakes will soon follow. We have just launched which will be a new source for ice fishing tips, tricks and updates on the ice in Colorado. We will be targeting Rifle and Harvey Gap this year with a continual focus on Blue Mesa Reservoir. Anyway, we will head out next week for our fisrt outing on a semi-secluded lake on the western slope that always gives up hog rainbows and mixed bag of brooks, browns and the occasional koke. Keep up with us and we'll keep you up to date on when and where to catch on the Western Slope!

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