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2013 Blue Mesa Reservoir FAQs about Blue Mesa, Fishing, Lake Fork Marina and Elk Creek Marina

Welcome Fisherman, Locals and New Arrivals. I hope we can answer any basic questions about Blue Mesa Reservoir Colorado with the pages below. If you have additional questions, send an email and I hope we can help!!

Marina FAQs

Q.) Where is Lake Fork Marina?

A.) Lake Fork Marina is at the West end of the Lake. It sits next to the Morrow Point Dam.

Q.) When are the Marinas open?

A.) Elk Creek Marina opens May 1st and Lake Fork Marina opens May 15th. Early season hours are 8 to 5 and peak season hours are 7 to 7. Both marinas close on or about October 15th

Q.) Do the Marinas rent boats?

A.) Elk Creek Marina rents 20ft and 25ft pontoon boats and 14ft and 16ft aluminum fishing boats. Lake Fork rents everything but the 25ft pontoons. All these boats can be fished from and many have road holders

Q.) When can I start fishing Blue Mesa Reservoiron a rental boat and how much does it cost

A.) The marina opens at 7am and you can make a reservation, or pay for a rental boat at the marina. Large pontoons are 275.00 for a full day, and the smaller aluminum fishing boats are 80.00 for a full day. Half days are also available and the usage time are 7:30am to 12:30pm for the morning, and 1:30pm to 5:30pm for the afternoon.

Q.) Do the marinas sell gas and groceries?

A.) Yes, both marinas sell gas, groceries, bait and tackle and some boating assesories such as oil, paddles and life jackets. Next to Elk Creek marina there is restraunt that serves lunch, dinner and alcoholic beverages.

Q.) Can I buy a fishing License at the marinas

A.) Yes, both marinas sell Fishing Licenses and you can also get them Online

Q.) Do the marinas rent slips?

A.) Yes both marinas rent slips for the season, weekly, daily and monthly. A 20 foot slip costs 90.00a week or 275.00 a month. Prices vary for smaller and larger slips. Elk creek marina's east dock slips supply power. Both marinas accept credit cards for all purchases over 5.00.

Q.) How do I get to Elk Creek or Lake Fork marina?

A.) From Montrose to Lake Fork Marina, follow 50 east for 38 miles and turn left on 92 west, then make your first right down the hill towards the lake.

A.) From Montrose to Elk Creek Marina follow 50 east for 49.5 miles and take a right on Elk Creek Road ( there will be a sign for Elk Creek Marina on the right) and follow down to the water

A.) From Gunnison to Lake Fork Marina, follow 50 West for 26.5 miles and turn right on 92 west, then make your first right down the hill towards the lake.

A.) From Gunnison to Elk Creek Marina follow 50 West for 15.5 miles and take a left on Elk Creek Road ( there will be a sign for Elk Creek Marina ) and follow down to the water

FISH!!!!!!!!! FAQs

Q.)What kind of fish are in Blue Mesa Reservoir and are we allowed to keep any?

A.) Blue Mesa is home to the largest kokanee salmon population in Colorado. It also has Lake trout, brown trout, rainbow trout, brook trout, perch and white suckers
The bag possession for
Lake Trout : Unlimited
kokanee salmon : 10 fish
Brown, rainbow and lake trout : 4 fish a day in combination, 8 fish total in combination in your possession
Perch: unlimited
White suckers: unlimited
Brook Trout: 10 fish under 8 inches

Q.) Where are good places to catch these fish?

A.) Blue Mesa reservoir is separated into 3 main basins; Iola, Cebolla and Lake Fork. There are also a number of lake arms that feed Blue Mesa. All these areas can be great for fishing during different times of the year. A good start is to look at fishing reports form bluemesafishing.com/fishing-report.html. The next best thing to do is to go to the marinas and ask where they are catching them. Also look at a map of the lake and familiarize yourself with the area so to know where to go when to given a good report. TO find a good map, go to google.com and type in map of Blue Mesa Reservoir and click the first google link.

Q.) What are some tips to catching all of these species?

A.) Kokanee salmon can be caught from late May to September all day long. Start with a red or green arnies, large pop gear or flashers, and tip the lures with corn

A.) Lake Trout bite best in the spring and fall. You can use tube jigs tipped with sucker meat, and large spoons in 40 feet of water. They can also be caught through the ice with the best bite starting early in the morning.

A.) Brown trout can be caught all year and fishing around the rocks near the bridges is the most productive. Rainbows can be caught all around the lake year round on spinners and with night crawlers

A.) White suckers can be caught around the docks at night or up the river arms with bread, cheese and night crawlers.

A.) Perch can be caught all around the lake from 20 to 40 feet of water using a small jig like a genz bug, tipped with a worm or maggot.

Guided Fishing on Blue Mesa Reservoir FAQs

Q.) Who should I call if I want a guided fishing trip?

A.)There are only a few guides to choose from on Blue Mesa Reservoir. A very reliable guide with a good repution for working hard and catching fish is Blue Mesa Fishing. Contact Us

Q.) What can we expect to catch, and how long is a guided fishing trip?

A.) During the spring, most guides, including ourselves, fish for lake trout and a half day is 4-6 hours, and a full day is 6-8 hours. During the summer, guides fish for kokanee salmon

Q.) What do I need to bring on a guided fishing trip?

A.) All fishing gear and life jackets will be supplied. You will only need to bring a lunch, drinks and a few extra clothes if there is cold or wet weather in the forecast. The charter boats will supply every thing else you will need for a great day of fishing on the lake.

Q.) How do I get my fish home after the trip?

A.) All guides will fillet your fish for you at one of the three cleaning stations on the lake, clean them and put them in bags for you. Please bring a cooler with ice, or purchase ice at the one of the marinas.

Q.) Do the guides guarantee you will catch fish?

A.) We do not grantee you will catch fish on every charter but we do promise to do everything it takes to keep the baits in the strike zone to maximize your chances for catching fish that want to feed or bite. We do not refund trips that don't catch.- Remember- it's fishing!

Boating FAQs

Q.) When can I launch My Boat?

A.) There are 4 launches anyone can launch their boat around BLue Mesa Reservoir. They are Elk Creek, Lake Fork, Steven's Creek and Iola boat launches.

Q.) When do I have to be off the water?

A.) You can stay on the water as long as you like, but upon leaving the lake, you need to have your boat inspected. This occurs daily from 5:30am to 8pm.

Q.) What are the boat launching and departing procedures?

A.) You must have your boat inspected by a park official before putting your motorized vessel in the water. You can do this at any of the launches between 5:30am and 8pm. After inspection launch your boat as one would at any other lake. Respect the lines and have your boat prepared to launch before you get to the water's edge. Repeat the inspection upon leaving the lake.

Q.) Can I fish Blue Mesa Reservoir at night?

A.) Colorado law prohibits night boating, but anchoring up in one your favorite spots is accepted at night. Brown trout and kokanee fishing can be great at night under lights using worms, jigs and power bait. Bring a jacket and a warm beverage because night time temperatures always drop around 3am.

Q.) Where do I clean my Fish?

A.) You can clean your fish any where you'd like as long as you don't dispose of the entrails in the lake. Elk Creek, Lake Fork, and Steven's Creek launches have fish cleaning stations which make cleaning fish very easy. There is running water and a disposal to put the entrails in. These stations are always open with lights for cleaning at night as well.

Q.) Can I keep my boat overnight at the marina?

A.) Yes, you can park you boat on the shore line at many places around the lake, or pay for a one night stay at Elk Creek or Lake Fork Marina.

Q.) What kind of water tags does my boat require for Fishing Blue Mesa Reservoir?

A.) You will need a Curecanti pass for boating on Blue Mesa Reservoir. These passes can be purchased at Lake Fork Marina or Elk Creek Marina. A seasonal pass is 30.00 and is the best value if expect to fish Blue Mesa Reservoir a few times a year.

Q.) Can I expect the Marinas to have parking or does it get so crowded there is no room?

A.) Although Blue Mesa Reservoir can get busy, there is always enough parking at the launches no matter what the time of the year. Camping sites can get booked up fast so always plan 2 weeks in advance.

Blue Mesa Fishing Guide Services