Colorado Fish Species

There are many fish species in Colorado. The different species of fish you can catch are listed below. Trout are the most popular game fish native to Colorado and can be caught in almost every body of water in the state. The elevation of the bodies of water and mean temperatures surrounding them make Colorado waters ideal habitat for big trout. Most warm water species liek bass, walleye and bluegill are largely introduced and not the focus of many guide service. Blue Mesa Fishing Guide Network runs guide trips on many lakes and targets the cold water species. You can learn how to fish for all of these fish in Colorado through our information guide Service, but we do not guide for Pike, any bass species or walleye. The Colorado fish species we guide for don't vary too much between lakes, rivers and altitude. Trout and salmon are the main focus but its good to know all the species you can catch. Each Colorado fish has its own thresh hold and desired environment which changes drastically around the state. Fortunately the species of fish that can be found and survive in almost all bodies of water are the Rainbow Trout. Read below to see all the species found in Colorado and Blue Mesa Reservoir!

Species of Trout in Colorado:

Brown Trout: The spotting pattern is composed of black spots and also red orange spots surrounded by light blue.

Lake Trout (Mackinaw): The fish has a white, irregular spotting pattern on a dark background with veriform marking over the back and head. Unlike other trout, they have a deeply indented tail fin.

Cutthroat Trout (Native): Cutthroat have a crimson slash on either side of the throat beneath the lower jaws.

Brook Trout: The pectoral, pelvic and anal fins are often orange, edged with black & white. The body is dark with read spots and surrounded by blue and white spots.

Rainbow Trout: Identifying Marks are the black spots on a light body and a red stripe along the sides of a fish.

Kokanee Salmon: At the end of their third summer, females develop a red/grey/white pattern while males develop hook jaw and turn brick red.

Other Types of Fish in Colorado:

Yellow Perch: Yellow and green stripes with a tall dorsal fin and a low, round head.

Northern Pike: The fish long flat nose with a spotting pattern on a dark background with veriform marking over the back and head. Pike also have a large set of sharp teeth.

Bluegill: Bluegill are smaller, round fish with a blunt forehead, tight lower jaw and many times have a black spot which is an addition to their gill plate.

Black/White Crappie Roundish body with am oval dorsal fin. The body color is a silver background with purple or black spots. They have a soft bucket like mouth.

Largemouth Bass. Green body with black markings, a bucket-like mouth and taller shoulders.

Smallmouth Bass: Very similar to the large mouth except with a more stream line body shape, brown markings and a smaller mouth.

Walleye: Yellow body coloring with a longer stream-like body shape. Also has very sharp front teeth with a head similar to the perch. (both are part of the drum family).

White Fish: Round body with a very tiny mouth and a boney, bullet shaped head. They have big shoulders and large scales.

Sucker (multiple species): Most have mouths that face down with long bodies that give way tp a tall tail fin. Very boney heads with soft skin and small scales.

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