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Your Guide to Ice Fishing with Blue Mesa Fishing Guide Network.

Ice Fishing in Colorado is an awesome way to keep catching after the summer. The lakes turn over, get even colder and eventually freeze. In Colorado, our primary species are all trout species, stocked salmon, pike and some bass, crappy and perch. Everything else is in smaller populations because we are fishing most times at a mile high, and many times 7k feet or higher. This means cold water species. The good news is that cold water species stay active all year long, and the ice is no exception. Trout slam baits hard through the ice, salmon hit and run and pike swallow meaty offering and bulldog ya all the way to the hole. This is why we ice fish in Colorado. The action keeps going, just colder.
Fortunately, guru’s like Dave Genz and Pat Smith have helped shape ice fishing, bringing break through fishing gear to the sport. We now have ice fishing tents and heaters. If anyone asks me my favorite way to fish I always say in a t-shirt. I enjoy an Eskimo 3-4 man quick pitch tent and Mr. Heater cranked on high. Point of story is that you can ice fish in comfort. Try a tent with a heater and one of the many ice fishing fish finders. The electronics let you see how fish react to your bait and the camera show it. These are all amazing tools to help you dial in the bite and have fun on the ice. You can even add a snowmobile to the equation and increase your ability to cover more ground in one day. There is always a bit going on somewhere on the lake every day. Increase your spots to fish, increase your catch.
This page is meant to spark your interests in ice fishing and we hope you give it a try. We do offer a limited number of Ice Fishing Guide trips to catch fish on Blue Mesa in Gunnison and Harvey and Rifle Gap in Colorado. Check out our dedicated ice fishing site at Blue Mesa Ice Fishing .com. catch more fish and learn new tips and tricks of your own. Our information is meant to get you 'catching' and fishing once you hit the lake. We will guide you through approaches and techniques to start ice fishing for perch, pike, lake trout, rainbow trout and bass on frozen lakes in Colorado- See our Ice Fishing videos and check out our pages on Bluemesaicefishing.com!!
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