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2013 Blue Mesa Reservoir in Gunnison Colorado!

Blue Mesa Reservoir is located in South Western Colorado in the Gunnison River Basin. Blue Mesa Reservoir is also Colorado's largest reservoir and the largest Kokanee salmon population in Colorado thrives in Blue Mesa Reservoir. Anglers from all over the state, as well as vacationers come to catch these fish as they concentrate near the surface to begin feeding in the spring. Blue Mesa Reservoir is a consistently productive lake and we are glad to have such a great lake in Gunnison Colorado. Its fishing potential is constantly challenged by the DOW, who are also very challenged, but fortunately the Lake keeps recovering for the better. Blue Mesa offers so much do, such as Fishing Guide Trips rafting trips, hiking, biking and sailing. Check out our site completely dedicated to ALL the other activities on Blue Mesa Reservoir at Bluemesareservoircolorado.com.
The fishing can be absolutely incredible on Blue and there are many productive places to consistently catch fish. There are three basins in Blue Mesa Reservoir and they are filled by many creeks and rivers. The Iola basin is filled by the Gunnison River and starts at Lake City Bridge, right outside of the canyon leaving Gunnison. Iola is the shallowest of the three basins and the water moves west through a tight rocky canyon known as the narrows. The canyon is home to the Elk Creek Marina, and continues through the narrows and opens up to the wind surfing beach and the Cebolla basin. Elk Creek Marina sits in Elk Creek and this is considered the 'narrows' and offers consistent early season fishing.

Blue Mesa Reservoir is very famous for its Cebolla basin and it offers a windsurfing launch, shore camping, day use area and water skiing areas. This basin is fed by the Cebolla (se- bol- a) creek arm, 4 mile creek, Red Creek and a other small tributaries. Its close the famous Iron Works, and the water slowly makes its way west to Middle Bridge. Many vacationers that come to Colorado often drive around Blue Mesa Reservoir and always remember crossing the middle bridge. It's the view point of Red Creek Island and the Pinnacles. Some days the views are of the gorgeous calm lake and other day’s, windy squalled torrents on the lake that look similar to rough ocean seas. Middle bridge, as described, is in the center of the lake and offers breath taking views of the lake that can be viewed from a rest stop/ bathroom area on the side closest to Gunnison.

Finally we enter the Sapinero basin which is fed by Soap Creek, west Elk Creek and the Lake Fork arm of the Gunnison River. It is the deepest part of the lake and really pulls the weight for Colorado's largest reservoir. It's over 300 feet deep and offers great fishing and habitat for plankton. The area is referred to as Lake Fork by most people but this area used to be the town known as Sapinero. This used to be an area of commerce offering a restaurant, bait and tackle, lodging and hospitality. Like many areas around the lake, there wasn’t enough commerce to keep it going and these little gems dried up and disappeared. You will notice Sapinero service and RV Park across the highway from the Sapinero lumps. This is where the famous Uncle Joe tied some of the hottest patterns for catching kokanee salmon. His patterns were sold and are still manufactured and sold on the lake. Unlike most lures, every Uncle Joes lure has tied for a productive time and place on the lake. This means all of his lures work and you’ll find huge selections in any Blue Mesa Fishing Guides’ tackle boxes. The Sapinero basin pushes up against the Blue Mesa Dam and this gives way to the Black Canyon of the Gunnison River. Read more about the Black Canyon at our page dedicated to the Black Canyon.

Thank you for reading check out our Blue Mesa Reservoir page at Bluemesareservoircolorado.com for more info on Gunnison Colorado, Blue Mesa, the Black Canyon and Morrow Point.

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